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Los Gatos prides itself as a self-contained community. Over 3,000 businesses serve the residents and act as a destination point for visitors who are attracted to its restaurants, hotels, and a variety of shops within a pedestrian-oriented downtown setting. The Town is also an inclusive community with a full mix of ages, family sizes, and incomes.  Los Gatos has many parks and greenbelt areas, as well as a vibrant downtown area.  Downtown Los Gatos is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the model of what communities strive to achieve in a downtown. There are hidden breathtaking views, soaring mountains, blossoming vineyards, and a prosperous community. There’s beautiful, and then there’s Los Gatos. At the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains where happiness and sunlight are flourishing and the people are out day and night, Los Gatos offers the most unique getaway experience of all hidden gems in Silicon Valley.

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ABC Service HVAC & Appliances
1700 Branham Ln, San Jose, CA 95118, United States

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1700 Branham Ln, San Jose, CA 95118, United States

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