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Dishwashers and freezers are among the essential appliances in a kitchen. It is worth making repairs rather than buying new appliances when they fail. Viking appliances are trusted worldwide for their innovation and use of advanced technology. In addition, their appliances are designed with high aesthetic value, thus elevating the overall look of your kitchen.

After using Viking appliances for a long time, they may require maintenance and repairs. This is due to the normal wear and tear in all appliances. Due to the revolutionary technology used in Vikings appliances, repairs should be done by a qualified and skilled technician.


Viking Freezer and Refrigerator Repairs Near You


We have a team of well-trained and dedicated technicians always ready to help in case of breakdowns or accidental failures such as the fridge not cooling, leaking of water, and knocking noise. The technicians are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency, which supervises different companies’ environmental and safety compliance. The skilled technicians offer high quality and fast response to any appliance problems, no matter the size. 

The team is equipped with all the tools to diagnose and fix broken freezers and refrigerators, both smart ones and old models. They will give you tips and advice to maintain your appliances. Moreover, they visit homes for personalized help on different machines if you cannot get help from virtual diagnostics.

All services are provided based on the customer’s needs at clear charges despite your location. We do not have hidden charges and ensure we give all our cost estimates up-front honestly and transparently. In addition, we offer long-lasting solutions that minimize the need for frequent maintenance and repairs. Our technicians carefully assess the root cause of all the problems and fix them to avoid constant breakdowns even after repairs. 

Diagnostics are usually free for refrigerators, while other discounts such as military and senior discounts may be offered. Routine maintenance is also provided for all appliances despite their brand for continued efficiency.

We also offer antibacterial treatment and cleaning from time to time, which wipes out all harmful bacteria, keeping the food fresh.


Need Your Viking Dishwasher or Refrigerator Fixed? Call Us!


Whenever you need a dishwasher or refrigerator repair, you can trust us to fix it. Our solutions ensure all your appliances run efficiently and smoothly. You can contact our customer service to schedule a repair or maintenance service. They will act fast to get everything back in operation. 

All repairs are done on the same day since we have all the necessary parts. 

Avoid repairing refrigerators or dishwashers by yourself, as it is easy to repair them superficially without actually fixing the root cause of the problem. Also, do not place heaters, ovens, or radiators close to your refrigerator to reduce underfloor heating, which often causes failure. You can save on repair costs by keeping gaskets and refrigerator seals from damage and avoiding leaving fridge doors open for long. 

Follow recommendations on the manual included in all Viking appliances. Feel free to call us anytime to solve dishwasher and refrigerator problems better.


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